Why Dentists Should Ignore Keyword Rankings

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Patient Attraction Episode 257

Hi, Colin Receveur here and I’m going to give you a peek behind the curtain here a little bit and share a question I got from a client related to search engine rank and my response back to him when we return.

– So this is the third day of our four-day look at Google searches, search rankings and what they mean to you.

– Not long ago, I got an email from a client with a laundry list of items to discuss.

– Among them was this:

– “I seemed in early searches to be slipping in implants and sedation–any thoughts”

– Here is my unfiltered, unedited response back to him:

– “We don’t watch search engine rankings very closely … they are less and less important, and Google provides less data. Our focus is on great content, keeping your site fresh, video, optimizing constantly, but the metrics we optimize too are becoming more ambiguous. Down the road, 1-2 years, ‘keywords’ will be obsolete. I’m happy to look at any specific issues, but realize that Google is controlling ‘keyword data’ more and more, exponentially so from the SEO side (vs. PPC).”

– I give you this look at the inner workings of what we tell our clients for two reasons:

– 1. To show you that I tell our paying clients the very same things I tell you in these podcasts.

– 2. To confirm to you that we are moving away from keyword “domination.”

– As I told our client, keywords are becoming harder and harder to manipulate and to track.

– Think about this:

– Let’s say you find that you are in the number 1, 2, 5 or 10 position in search ranking for a particular keyword string, but only a handful of people are using that phrase or keyword.

– How much good are those rankings doing you?

– No, here’s what you need to know.

– Google holds websites related to health and finances to a higher standard than other websites.

– Google web crawlers and real live reviewers are looking for items on a website that will help real people:

– Contact Us pages

– About Us pages

– Terms of Use

– Privacy Policy

– That’s to say nothing of clear knowledge and expertise on the subject discussed.

– I will come back to what I have said over and over again: have content on your website that informs real people about things they care about, and you will get new patients.

– Come back tomorrow and we will wrap up our series with that thought: getting new patients is what matters.

– Until then, Keep Moving Forward.