Why Dentists Need to Spend Less Time Thinking About Their Practice

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Patient Attraction Episode 264

A couple of weeks ago, I sent you a podcast about how you could get more freedom in your practice. Today, I want to give you some advice I found in the New York Times about why you need that freedom. Stay tuned.

– Hi everyone, Colin Receveur here on Monday, Nov. 24.

– Welcome to Thanksgiving week here in the United States.

– Hopefully you will be able to take a few days off later this week to visit family and friends, and recharge your batteries a little bit.

– We talk with doctors all the time who are looking to have more time away from their practice, whether that is working fewer hours, fewer days, or both.

– But an article in the New York Times earlier this year pointed out that in the modern age we aren’t ever really “off.”

– Because of smartphones, cell signals and satellites, there are very few places you can go to really “get away.”

– In the article, cognitive researcher and PhD Daniel Levitin pointed out that our brains take in the equivalent of about 174 newspapers’ worth of information in a SINGLE DAY.

– That’s five times as much as we did 25 years ago.

– Levitin points out that our brain has two attention modes: one focusing on tasks at hand and the other working in the background, putting together various thoughts and ideas to form creativity.

– He calls the latter the daydreaming state.

– Levitin argues that every time you get a Tweet, Facebook message, email or text, it competes for attention from that behind-the-scenes daydreaming part of your brain.

– So you should designate parts of your day for those tasks so they occupy the front-of-mind part of your brain, allowing the creative part of your brain to do its job.

– He also says that regular breaks – whether naps or vacations – can be very restorative IF they are true breaks.

– The problem is that you check your email, Facebook, Twitter, etc., even when you are on vacation.

– So your mind doesn’t get the needed “break.”

– That means your mind isn’t solving that difficult orthodontic problem that came to see you.

– Your mind is solving the problem of how much of your retirement should be put in real estate and how much in mutual funds.

– And your mind isn’t solving how you can attract more of the patients YOU want.

– Let me encourage you to set up a practice that gives you the freedom to really have a break.

– Not just time away, but time OFF.

– If you’re ready to discover how you can get more patients, more profits and, YES, more freedom, you should schedule a Patient Attraction Blueprint Session with me. They are free to serious dentists who want to see a patient attraction system that can double their practice. For more information, go to smartboxdentalmarketing.com/blueprint.

– Come back tomorrow and I’m going to tell you how to eliminate some of that mental clutter from your life.

– Until then, Keep Moving Forward.