Why Dentists Are Not Getting Patients From Social Media

Patient Attraction Episode 226

Hello everyone, I’m Colin Receveur and welcome to October. Today I’m going to tell you why your height has more influence on prospective patients than social media.

– Welcome to day three of our look at Gallup’s study of social media marketing.

– So far I’ve told you that millions and even billions of people use social media every day.

– But 94 percent of people use social media to connect with family and friends – not to look for a product or service.

– Today, I want to tell you why your height – something over which you have no control – is more likely to attract patients than social media marketing.

– Numerous studies show that people have more confidence in taller men.

– Other studies also show that taller men earn more money, on average, than shorter men.

– Gallup asked more than 18,000 people about the influence social media has on their purchasing decisions.

– 62 percent said it has NO INFLUENCE AT ALL.

– Only 5 percent said social media has a great deal of influence.

– 30 percent said it has some influence.

– Now you might be asking yourself, but what about these digital natives, people in the mid-30s and below who grew up with the Internet.

– 48 percent of those millennials said social media has no influence on their purchasing decisions.

– So let me ask you:

– Does it make sense to devote your time, which should be worth $750 or $1,000 per hour, to devote to posting on Twitter or Facebook trying to get new patients?

– Does it make sense to devote the time of your staff to an endeavor where 94 percent of the people are not listening to you?

– Does it make sense to pay someone to post and Tweet and Like and whatever when 62 percent of people say that whatever you say doesn’t affect whether they spend their money?

– Well, in case you’re still not convinced, tomorrow we’ll look at whether you have any better luck converting your Facebook friends and Twitter followers into paying, staying and referring patients.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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