Why Dentists Are Missing What Your Patients Are Trying to Tell You

Patient Attraction Episode 629: Why Dentists Are Missing What Your Patients Are Trying to Tell YouA few years ago, I decided to switch primary care physicians after a negative experience. I went in with symptoms that resembled a common cold, and without listening or even really looking at me, my doctor prescribed some medicine and rushed me out of his office. It wasn’t that I distrusted his medical expertise, but I left feeling unvalued and ignored. Stay tuned to find out how you can avoid that mistake.

– My story about a doctor who barely looks at you isn’t uncommon, and it sets the stage for something that I want to talk more about: listening to your patients.

– I don’t mean just making eye contact and nodding along.

– Dentists need to listen and take note of what their patients expect in the digital age.

– The first thing is: Focus.

– This comes through providing your full attention to every patient both in and outside the office.

– How is that possible?

– Make sure you have a state-of-the-art website that is functional and interactive, and use advertisements and email marketing campaigns to personalize messages to patients and potential patients.

– Patients will come to you for answers – that’s the nature of your field.

– So be there when they come calling in multiple mediums.

– The second thing is: Communication.

– Your goal here is not just to be a good listener and to provide solutions, but you have to communicate with your patients on a broader scale.

– The use of social media and email marketing allow you to keep constant contact with your patients and prospects.

– A great-looking website can be the best introduction you need to begin nurturing a new patient or prospective patient.

– The final thing is: Engage.

– This is where you put their concerns and questions into action.

– A great marketing strategy provides a solution for their dental problems instead of simply listing the treatments you offer.

– Is someone unhappy with their smile?

– Well, provide them a detailed and personalized email about why you are best suited to fix their problems.

– It’s important for dental practices to listen to what their patients are saying both inside and outside the office.

– By constantly staying in communication with your patient base and new leads, you become the authority and the person they come to when they need it the most.

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– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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