Why are Dentists Afraid to Succeed?

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Patient Attraction Episode 445

Today is the birthday of two of the most influential economic thinkers in the history of mankind. Unlike yesterday’s history lesson, which was just for fun, today’s message really relates to dental marketing. I’ll tell you how when we return.

– Hi, welcome to the Friday, June 5, edition of the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I am Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– The Patient Attraction Podcast is really a labor of love for me.

– We don’t charge for it, so it’s not a revenue stream.

– We put between one and two hours into researching, writing and recording each episode.

– And it gives way all my marketing secrets.

– So why do I do it?

– To stroke my own ego, of course!

– Just kidding.

– I do it to help dentists.

– I grew up around my father’s dental practice.

– I know the struggle for dentists who are working too hard, spending too much and getting too little in return.

– And I know how to help them.

– So I produce these videos.

– Of course, SmartBox is a business, not a charity.

– We are here to make money.

– But we are here to make money by helping dentists realize their professional financial and practice goals.

– We do that by providing them with more and better patients.

– We do that by providing you with the patients YOU want.

– I imagine our business is much like how many of you run your practices.

– You are a dentist, trained to keep people healthy and to help them be more self-confident and living a happier life thanks to a smile they can be proud of.

– But in honor of the birth of Scottish economist and philosopher Adam Smith (1723-1790) and British economist John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946), I also would remind you that you are a business.

– And without being an efficient and profitable business, you cannot put get the equipment and staff necessary to help more and more patients.

– For some of you, this is a no-brainer.

– You got into dentistry because it provides you with a nice income and the opportunity to achieve some of your other life goals.

– But some of you almost feel guilty about making money – or at least that’s what it looks like judging how you run your practice.

– Your patients need you to tell them why they should choose you.

– It is OK to differentiate yourself from other dentists.

– It is OK to market yourself as an expert.

– It is OK to charge more than insurance companies are willing to pay.

– It is OK to live a lifestyle you deserve.

– If you want to be able to do the helping people part, you need to maximize your ability to attract and treat more new people.

– If you’re ready to discover what my clients know that you don’t about attracting patients online, you should schedule a Patient Attraction Blueprint Session. They are free to serious dentists who want to see a patient attraction system that can double their practice. For more information, go to smartboxdentalmarketing.com/blueprint.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.