Who Else Wants to Sell Without Feeling Sullied

Patient Attraction Episode 168

“Sell.” There. I’ve said it. I know “sell” is a four-letter word to many of you. You don’t want to be a salesman, you want to be a dentist. But if you want to get another four-letter word, “paid,” you’re going to have to sell. We’ll talk more about that when we come back.

– Welcome to Friday, July 11. I am Colin Receveur and we continue our series on lifecycle marketing.

– Today we are going to talk about converting sales.

– Just as a reminder, in previous days we have discussed how to attract interest, capture leads and nurture prospects.

– Attracting interest is where you say, “Look at me.”

– Capturing leads is where the prospects says, “I see you. Here is who I am. Talk to me.”

– Nurturing prospects is where you say, “Ok, let’s talk about X.”

– That brings us to today’s topic: convert sales.

– This is where the prospect says, “I like what you have to say. I’m going to set up an appointment.”

– And that’s what you want: appointments. Fannies in chairs. Hands in mouths. However you want to look at it.

– Here is where it gets very individualized because each dentist has his or her own goals and objectives.

– Are you a “big case” practice, where you only want implants and cosmetic cases?

– Are you a general dentist who does everything from fillings to Botox?

– What services you sell and how you sell them could be an entirely different series.

– But you have an obligation to tell someone who is unhappy with his or her smile ALL of their options, not just the ones they ask about or you think they can afford.

– Be honest and ethical and you should have no reservations about selling implants or cosmetic dentistry, even for a premium price, to someone who could benefit from them.

– That’s because you’ve brought in someone who already trusts you thanks to the knowledge you have provided them already.

– To get back to our ongoing analogy, someone has seen your AdWords ad, gotten your free report on sleep apnea, read your drip emails about sleep apnea and they are now sitting in your chair. The process has worked!

– Now you need to tell them the benefits of an oral appliance made by you over buying nasal strips, generic one-size-fits-all night mouth guards, and doing nothing at all.

– That is converting sales.

– Once they see the wisdom of your suggestion, you can move on to the next phase: deliver and satisfy.

– We’ll look at that on Monday.

– Until then, have a great weekend and keep moving forward.



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