Which Race/Ethnicity Gives You the Best Opportunity to Attract More Patients?

Patient Attraction Episode 156

Welcome to day 2 of our look at Gallup’s recent poll results that show that roughly 65 percent of Americans visited the dentist in the last year. When we come back, we’ll break those numbers down by ethnicity.

– According to Gallup’s results, there is a noticeable racial and ethnic divide about going to the dentist.

– For instance, about 55 percent of both blacks and Hispanics went to the dentist in the last year.

– That number is up about 1.5 percent for Hispanics and DOWN 3 percent for blacks from 2008.

– 68.4 percent of whites went to the dentist in 2013, virtually unchanged from the 68.7 percent in 2008.

– Asians reported very similar numbers, with 69.6 going in 2013 and 70.3 percent going in 2008.

– So what does this mean to you?

– There is a huge opportunity among the Hispanic community for one thing. Nearly half of all Latinos do not go to the dentist, but the number who do is trending upward.

– There also is an opportunity to reverse the trend among African-Americans, where nearly half of the population did not see a dentist, and that number is declining.

– So if you have large segments of either of these populations, you have opportunities to reach out to them.

– As for the white and Asian populations, a good percentage are already going to the dentist.

– But 3 out of 7 still did not see a dentist last year.

– That presents opportunities to talk about the importance of regular dental visits.

– Again, we’ll talk about some ways to do that at the end of this series.

– Come back tomorrow and we’ll break these numbers down by age and look at how that information can bring you more and better patients.

– Until then, keep moving forward.



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