When Your Dental Website Doesn’t Rock

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Patient Attraction Episode 919

Dentists need to have a strong online presence these days to attract the patients they want. The most important part of your online presence is your website, but for way too many dentists, it’s the last thing they think about. After the break, I’ll tell you how to know whether your website is up to the task of getting new patients to choose you. Stay tuned.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– Thanks for watching this episode of the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– Google reports that people consult 10.4 sources of information, on average, before they make a buying decision.

– Your dental website is usually the last online stop for new patients before they book an appointment.

– That’s because your website is the single largest online source of information about you, your practice, and what you offer.

– And your website is the make-or-break factor in your patients’ decision.

– Here are the things I commonly find are wrong with most dentists’ websites that prevent new patients from choosing them.

– The biggest overall issue is that the website is dated.

– It has old-looking graphic design, old-fashioned navigation and organization, and content that hasn’t been updated in years.

– And it’s not optimized for mobile search, so it won’t display properly or load quickly when your new patients search on their mobile devices.

– Today’s tech-savvy consumer wants a modern-looking website and easy navigation so they can find what they’re looking for quickly.

– Attention spans are shorter than ever, and people today don’t want to dig for information.

– The content on your site has to be relatively current and written for patients, not for other dentists, which unfortunately is very common.

– And if your website doesn’t load quickly or display properly, you’ve lost that patient.

– Another problem is having links that are broken or that don’t lead where they’re supposed to.

– Not only is that frustrating for patients, but it’s also a big penalty on search engine rankings from Google.

– In fact, bad links, old content, poor navigation, and slow loading and improper display are all penalty factors.

– If you’re not getting the new patients you want, look to your website.

– And if you’d like me to evaluate your website and tell you how it can be improved, go to smartboxdentalmarketing.com, go to the Resources tab, click Products, and then click on The Swift Kick Dental Website Review. You can order a customized 30-minute video critique of your site, social media presence, online patient reviews, dental videos, and more using our 131-point dental web marketing checklist.

– Until our next podcast, keep moving forward.