When You Fail to Sell Your Dental Case Solution

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Patient Attraction Episode 842

One of the more frustrating aspects of dentistry is having a perfect case solution for a patient who refuses to take it. How you respond inside to that refusal speaks to your character. How you respond to the patient may be the difference between helping and getting paid for it, and losing that patient. I’ll be back after the break to tell you more.

– I’m Colin Receveur, and this is the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– My dad is a very successful dentist, and while I was growing up, I heard about many patients who refused case solutions that they really needed.

– I was always impressed by the fact that my dad didn’t condemn those patients for their decisions.

– Instead, he worked with each one to discover their level of commitment and came up with a solution to fit – even if it wasn’t the best solution.

– Now, I’ve worked with hundreds of dentists, and let me tell you that Dad’s approach isn’t universal.

– Some dentists take a patient’s refusal as a professional insult and refuse to serve them.

– That’s a lost opportunity for the dentist and the patient.

– A patient who says no to a solution now may say yes later.

– It’s not always possible to tell why a patient rejects your proposal.

– But whatever the reasons are, they make sense to the patient at the time.

– If you keep the relationship going with that patient, you may learn the reasons at a later time.

– And that can help you improve your approach to presenting case solutions.

– But even more important, you’ve kept a patient and done what you could for them within their level of acceptance.

– That’s a satisfied patient, and every satisfied patient is an asset for your practice – and a potential referral source.

– So if you take patient rejection personally, you’ve got a learning opportunity every time a patient refuses your suggestions.

– I’d suggest you take advantage of those opportunities.

– My dad certainly did, and his willingness to learn is one of the cornerstones of his success.

– And not only will you keep satisfied patients, but you’ll feel better inside, too.

– Until the next podcast, keep moving forward.