When Should Dentists Post Online?

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Patient Attraction Episode 865

A recent study found that the average multiscreen user spends some 7 hours a day watching or reading across various devices. Having an idea of the favored times to view different types of online content can get more eyes on what dentists post. I’ll be back after the break to tell you more.

– Welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– Your dental prospects have more demands on their attention than ever.

– One of the keys to breaking through all that noise is to place your content where they’re looking, and at the time they’re looking at it.

– That includes television and online sources.

– The study found that 65 percent of multiscreen users shift between devices, while 35 percent used several at the same time.

– The “shifters” might use their phones to fill time during commercials or because the TV is on as background.

– The 35 percent who use multiple devices might search for information about a program on their smartphones or complete an online poll.

– They might also be chatting with friends while the program is on.

– Knowing how and when people use their devices can give you an edge in timing your posts.

– For instance, if a sports event featuring a locally popular team is on, your Facebook post is more likely to be seen by shifters during a commercial than during play.

– You should consider creating and posting online polls, surveys, and other interactive content for your patients and dental prospects.

– Those may please your prospects who enjoy interactive content.

– Remember the two-thirds / one-third ration of shifters to multi-device users.

– The right content at the right time is a winning formula for growth of your practice.