What’s Wrong with Your Dental Website?

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Patient Attraction Episode 882

There can be many reasons you’re not getting the new dental patients you need from your website. It could be the website itself, it could be the website’s SEO, or it could be that your other marketing isn’t influencing enough prospects to visit your site. After the break, I’ll tell you how your website can get you more new patients than you ever imagined.

– I’m Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– I’m going to do something unusual and start this podcast by sharing a testimonial from Dr. Michael Abernathy, founder and owner of Summit Practice Solutions.

“The types of branding that your practice would have are reflected in the photographs, the pictures, the marketing – the things that you have in your website.

– “But even more than that, your marketing ties really intimately into your website.

– “You’re driving people there; there needs to be a consistency, a continuity with external marketing, internal marketing, and your dental website.

– “Colin is able to put the whole package together, and that’s probably the biggest difference in this company and some of the companies that we’ve worked with before.” 

– Michael put his finger on what’s wrong with too many dentists’ marketing – there’s no system in place to make sure everything drives toward one goal.

– And that goal is putting more new patients in chairs.

– We do that for more than 550 dentists on three continents through our industry-leading Patient Attraction System™.

– Our attraction system positions dentists to become the preferred choice to solve patients’ dental problems.

– We help them get out of the “dentist as commodity” category and allow them to leave the “competing on price” race to the bottom.

– We’re dedicated to getting our dentists more patients, more profits, and more freedom.

– As Michael points out, all your marketing efforts need to lead toward your website.

– And your website has to be up to the job of convincing your prospects to pick up the phone or make an appointment online.

If you’d like me to evaluate your website and tell you how it can be improved, go to smartboxdentalmarketing.com, go to the Resources tab, click Products, and then click on The Swift Kick Dental Website Review about halfway down the page. You can order a customized 30-minute video critique of your site, social media presence, online patient reviews, dental videos, and more using our 131-point dental web marketing checklist.

– Until the next podcast, keep moving forward.