What’s Holding Back Your Web Marketing?

Patient Attraction Episode 234

Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing here. If you have a website that’s NOT bringing you new patients, I can tell you why. Stay tuned.

– Today is the first of five messages I want to give you about what you must be doing to have effective web marketing.

– I want to start out with this: Why must you be on the web?

– Let’s start with a statistic:

– 85 percent of consumers are searching for local businesses online.

– So even if you haven’t dumped your phone book for Google, the majority of your patients have.

– In fact, 91 percent of consumers search to find information on the web.

– More than half do so EVERY DAY.

– But what’s wrong with your billboard, yellow pages listing, TV commercial or newspaper ad?

– Nothing is wrong with them…

– If you don’t mind spending a bunch of money in hopes of drawing in prospects.

– But with web marketing, you can be very targeted in how you spend your money, drawing in the patients YOU want to attract.

– That’s because the web is data-driven.

– You can:

– track who looked at your website (you can’t do that with your billboard)

– target specific messages to people who have looked at a specific page on your website (you can’t do that with your TV commercial)

– automatically follow up with prospects who have requested more information (you can’t do that from a newspaper ad)

– use videos to show how likeable you and your staff (you can’t do that with your phone book listing)

– In fact, there are 4 key things you need to be doing to have web marketing that provides more and better patients.

– Most dentists aren’t doing even one of them effectively.

– Unless you’re our client, you’re almost certainly not doing all four.

– These are what we call our four pillars.

– Like many of you, I dabble in the real estate market.

– I’ve gone from buying and flipping houses myself to building multi-story apartment and commercial buildings.

– So I know what I’m saying when I know that a building needs rock solid support to be sturdy.

– The same goes for your practice.

– You MUST have these four pillars to bring yourself more patients, more profits and more freedom.

– Having one doesn’t support your practice.

– Even having three makes your practice unstable.

– But with all four pillars, you have rock solid frame from which to build your web marketing efforts.

– The four pillars are:





– We’ll talk about attraction tomorrow

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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