What You Must Know About SEO

Patient Attraction Episode 182

Hey everybody, I’m Colin and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast. For the next two days, we are going to look at search engine optimization. We’ll hit the basics when we come back.

– I mentioned search engine optimization in a podcast a week ago.

– Judging by the comments I received, I realized some docs only have a vague idea of what SEO is.

– Today we’ll talk about the basics, and tomorrow we’ll look a little more in-depth.

– So let’s look at this like a primer on SEO, and we’ll start at the top.

1. What is SEO?

– Search engine optimization means using certain words on your website that your prospects are searching for, or links that direct to your website from other websites, so that your name appears higher on the results page from search engines.

2. How do search engines know what is on your page?

– Now we’re getting into some heavy duty computer science.

– But to put it most simply, search engines have programs, we’ll call them spiders, that scan every site on the Internet.

– This is called crawling.

– They pull information off the site to be indexed in the search engine.

– But they don’t pull all the information, only what their programming tells them is important.

3. How does this affect my ranking on search engine results?

– Google uses a complicated formula (which it doesn’t share) to calculate where you rank on a search page.

– But part of that formula is an algorithm based on certain keywords or keyword strings on your site.

– So, for instance, if your website uses the term “Indianapolis pain-free dentist” a lot, then there is a higher likelihood that your site will come up higher in the results when someone searches “Indianapolis pain-free dentist.”

4. So why don’t I just list all of my keywords 1,000 times on one of my web pages?

– People used to do that!

– But Google got wise to that keyword stuffing and now their algorithm looks for that.

– So the best thing you can do is write quality content that includes the words and phrases your patients look for most often.

5. Besides my website, how can I use SEO?

– I mentioned Google’s formula earlier.

– Besides crawling your website looking for keywords, Google spiders also are indexing other sites that mention you or have a hyperlink back to your site.

– This also increases your ranking in search results.

– Being mentioned on some sites get you better results than others.

– That is why we encourage our clients to get news coverage when they can (media sites have high SEO value).

– We also encourage our clients to cross-promote on other sites whenever possible.

– I’m going to stop there and we’ll come back tomorrow to look at SEO in more detail tomorrow.

– Until then, keep moving forward.



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