What Every Dentist Should Know about Call Tracking

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Patient Attraction Episode 263

Hey everybody, Colin Receveur here on Friday, Nov. 21, and I want to do a quick hitter on call tracking and its importance. Stay tuned.

– You might remember that last month I did a series on the four pillars of web marketing.

– In case you missed it, the Oct. 17 podcast about phone tracking is really good, and that is the topic of our podcast today.

– Since we have new podcast audience coming in all the time, I want to give some basics about call tracking because I think it is that important.

– First, what is call tracking.

– Call tracking lets us assign a different number from various marketing channels so we know which ones are working.

– So your website should have a different phone number than a direct mail piece, for instance.

– I can’t tell you how many dentists I have worked with who had no idea where their new calls came from.

– Others are trying, such as asking callers and then writing the answers down or putting them in a spreadsheet.

– But if you think you can trust callers to tell you where they saw your name, you are wrong and will use inaccurate information to make future marketing decisions.

– Call tracking is the most accurate way to determine which marketing is effective and which isn’t.

– Of course, that assumes that you do the next step which is to analyze the data.

– But that is the subject for another podcast.

– Call tracking also is important because it allows you, the dentist, to review the calls that come into your practice.

– At least, the phone tracking we offer our clients lets you review the calls.

– That way you can hold your staff accountable for what they say to potential patients.

– This allows you to identify why your calls aren’t translating into new patients.

– Because whether you use a company like SmartBox or implement the tactics I give you here on the podcast, just GETTING phone calls isn’t the goal.

– You’ve got to CONVERT those phone calls into new patients to reach your goals.

– And many, MANY a new customer is lost because of poor phone technique by dental office staff.

– This assumes that you know the best techniques for converting calls to patients.

– If you don’t, getting some training on phone technique could go a long way to helping you reach your practice goals.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Until next week, Keep Moving Forward.