What Every Dentist Ought to Know About Keyword Implementation

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Patient Attraction Podcast 312

Hello and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast. Colin Receveur here. I hope you’ve been finding these podcasts helpful. Yesterday I talked a little bit about SEO. I mentioned the importance of using keywords and alluded to the fact that there was more to it. When we come back, I will delve into the topic of keywords and how to make them work for you. Stay tuned

– Does good SEO automatically mean that you’ll be placed in the #1 spot for Google search results?

– It’s possible, but to achieve that top rank (or even a spot on the first page of results), you need to ensure that you have dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s.

– Most search engine optimization techniques hinge on one thing – keyword implementation.

– Therefore, you need to know what a keyword is, how it’s used, what it can do for you, and how to identify those that apply to your practice.

– Keywords and keyword phrases are the foundation for all of your search engine optimization processes, from on-page optimization to article marketing to pay-per-click campaigns.

– Without the right keywords, your patients will not be able to find you.

– Moreover, search engine spiders will not be able to index your website correctly.

– Keywords are actually very simple.

– They are nothing more than terms or phrases that your patients use to locate services that you offer.

– In reality, the most frequently used keywords are service types or names.

– Other common keywords are geographic references – the neighborhood, town, or city from which your practice draws patients.

– Local search terms are the best option for you in many instances, as they are far less competitive.

– Your practice can benefit from targeting only keywords that actually apply to what you offer and the area you serve.

– How do you choose the best keywords?

– The single best course of action here is to choose keywords that are evocative of your particular practice.

– It’s also important to understand that not all keywords are created equal.

– While many phrases and individual words will apply to your practice, chances are good that they apply to lots of other dental offices out there.

– These are considered “highly competitive” keywords and need to be avoided.

– You want to target keywords that are frequently used in searches but have a moderate to low level of competition.

– To help you find the right keywords, you can use a keyword search tool.

– Google has an excellent one, and it’s free to use.

– Your chosen keywords will form the foundation of your online presence in almost all regards.

– They should be used everywhere you can, from the content of your website to the internal HTML code to your blog posts, your social networking efforts, your article marketing, and your PPC campaigns.

– Simply put, your keywords should be used in everything you do online – they are critical in helping your future patients find you and your dental practice.

– Well, that’s all for today.

– I appreciate you taking the time to be with me.

– Tomorrow, I will talk about SoLoMo, and why simply “running an ad” doesn’t work anymore.

– Until then, keep moving forward.