What Every Dentist Ought to Know About Content Marketing

Patient Attraction Episode 607: What Every Dentist Ought to Know About Content Marketing

As a trained, experienced dentist, you have a vast amount of knowledge stored in your head and available at your fingertips. All that content, if you will, is useful to your patients – and your prospects. I’m going to spend today and tomorrow talking about content marketing, and how you can avoid creating stale, unreadable content for your website with the information you already have. Stay tuned.

– Colin Receveur here, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– If the words “content marketer” make your head spin a little bit, don’t worry.

– You ARE probably already a content marketer and just aren’t aware of it.

– Dentists have to be content marketers, as they need to provide information to their patients and sell them on treatment.

– Today I want to give you 3 examples of why you ALREADY are a content market and also provide ways you can reach more and better patients with great content.

1. You’ve got a target audience.

– So many companies and businesses struggle to find their target audience.

– You already have one.

– It’s very simple.

– If you have a practice that focuses on dental implants, don’t promote yourself as a family dentist.

– Focus on dental implants and convince people with missing teeth that you are the person who can fix their problem.

– Your content and web presence should focus on attracting the type of patients you want to treat.

– I can’t tell you how many specialists or dentists I meet that have no clear thesis or message on their website.

– When you cast a broad net, you get poor results.

– By focusing on a target audience, or niche, you’ll get a better return on your investment.

– 2. You understand people.

It’s probably fair to say that you would have never gotten into dentistry if you didn’t love working with people.

– Use your knowledge of people in your marketing efforts.

– You already know what compels people to visit your office and what drives them away.

– Think about what drives people to your office and focus on that while crafting compelling marketing campaigns and online content.

  1. You are the authority.

– As a dentist, you are the authority on the topic, so patients are already looking at you to solve their dental problems.

– Don’t just talk about yourself or your technology in your marketing; tell your prospective patients how your office can help them.

– Tell them how you can make them feel better, improve their confidence, or help them achieve a more youthful smile.

– Content marketing is one of biggest ways to set yourself apart from other dentists in your area.

– Great content marketing can come in the form of emails, blogs, press releases, graphics, and videos.

– Successful dentists use one or all these methods to attract the patients they want to see.

-Tomorrow, I want to share ways you can repurpose your content marketing to reach new audiences and draw new patients.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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