What Doesn’t Make You Stronger Could Kill You

Patient Attraction Episode 207

Colin here with the Thursday, September 4 edition of the Patient Attraction Podcast. Today is dedicated to all of you dentists out there who think one big thing, a magic bullet if you will, can provide you all the patients you need to grow your practice. Stay tuned.

– No dentist thinks he is looking for a magic bullet to improve his practice.

– But the truth is, many of you are.

– You want a simple solution, wrapped up in a nice little bow, that someone can put in your hands and say, “Here you go. Now patients will start beating down your door.”

– It doesn’t work like that.

– Not one thing will bring you new patients:

– Not a great website.

– Not a great autoresponder sequence.

– Not a great ad.

– Not a great location.

– Not a great television commercial.

– Not great SEO.

– Not great reviews online.

– Not great endorsements or testimonials.

– Not great skill as a dentist.

– Not a great receptionist.

– Not a great office.

– Not a great web marketing company.

– Not a great reputation.

– But HAVING a bad version of any of those things can seriously stunt your growth and potentially kill your practice.

– That’s why I am amazed at the number of dentists who want to handle their own marketing and practice management.

– It takes SO MUCH working together to go right to be successful.

– And it takes SO LITTLE to go wrong to keep you from reaching your potential.

– Obviously some dentists choose to do it all on their own.

– That is why we offer products on web marketing, including this podcast.

– We want you to have the best shot you can of being successful.

– But I would no more try to learn to do my own dental work than I would suggest you learn to manage your own web marketing.

– If you’re ready to give up that fool’s errand, you should schedule a Patient Attraction Blueprint Session. They are free to serious dentists who want to see a patient attraction system that can double their practice. For more information, go to

Until next time, keep moving forward.



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