What Does Your Dental Office Staff Say About You?

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Patient Attraction Episode 276

Hi everyone, Colin here on Wednesday, Dec. 10, the day of the SmartBox Web Marketing Christmas Party. I’m treating my staff to dinner at a very nice restaurant across the river in Louisville for all the hard work they have put in this year. When we come back, I want to tell you why YOU are only as good as your staff. Stay tuned.

– Let me tell you how important your staff is.

– Dentistry is a team business.

– Wherever you look in a dental practice, the staff is important to every aspect of it.

– The staff is the face of the practice.

– Sure, patients come because they expect the dentist to have the knowledge and expertise to solve their problems.

– But think about the percentage of time a patient spends in your office.

– They spend maybe, MAYBE 20 percent of their time with you during an average appointment.

– That means the other 80 percent is spent with your staff.

– Staff influence patients’ opinions of the practice and how satisfied they are with their visit.

– Patients expect a professional and courteous relationship with everyone in the dental practice.

– How the dentist and staff behave not only with patients but also with each other communicates that level of courtesy and professionalism.

– Basics of your practice, such as telephone protocols, staff interaction, appointment scheduling, giving out information, and answering patients’ questions are critical to increasing and maintaining patient satisfaction.

– Of course, new patients judge a dental practice against their own expectations as soon as they step through the door.

– The entire dental team can only reach those expectations by listening to each patient.

– That means the dentist has a responsibility to see to it that all staff members are appropriately trained to represent him or her.

– And that’s the key: your staff is a representation of YOU.

– Try to make your practice an office where:

– patients don’t have to wait long to be seen

– staff know every patient’s name

– interruptions are kept to a minimum

– and a smile and a pleasant conversation are not too much trouble

– Because we can drive all the patients you could ever want to your practice.

– But the experience they have once they get there is entirely up to you.

– Come back tomorrow when we will start a two-day series on common blog-writing mistakes.

– Until then, keep moving forward.