What Dentists Ought to Know About Video

Patient Attraction Episode 503

Forrester Research says 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. That statistic alone tells you why I am so bullish on using video for my web marketing clients. Almost all of our packages include video that we shoot and edit. It’s probably one of the things that really separates us from our competitors. It’s also one thing that gives our clients an advantage over THEIR competitors. Today, I want to help you do-it-yourselfers produce better video to get an advantage over YOUR competition. Stay tuned.

– Hey, welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I’m Colin Receveur, CEO and founder of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– And I am bullish on video.

– Video is not the future of web marketing, it is the PRESENT.

– 100 million people watch online videos every DAY.

– More importantly, I am a fan of GOOD video.

– Video is an opportunity to give your dental prospects an impression of you.

– Poorly lighted, framed or recorded audio gives a negative impression.

– So here are 5 decisions you should make before starting your dental videos:

  1. Know your goal.

– Why are you shooting videos?

– Are you trying to introduce yourself and your staff to prospects?

– Are you trying to explain procedures?

– Do you want to let your patients give testimonials?

– Knowing what you want out of the videos will help you decide what to put IN the videos.

  1. Decide a budget.

– This will dictate whether you can buy a camera and a tripod, hire a freelancer or firm, or bring in one of the national big boys like us.

– It also will dictate whether you are using free Internet software to edit your videos or paying a pro to produce top-notch video.

– I advise you to spend a little more money and do it right.

– Video will give an impression of you and your practice.

– Spend a little more and give a good impression.

  1. Decide a timeline.

– When do you need these videos?

– If it isn’t a deadline issue, you might hold off on this decision until making some of the following.

– But if you want to have your videos by a drop-dead date, you must consider your timeline when making the remaining decisions.

  1. Pick a number of videos.

– How many videos do you need?

– Can you do that number on the budget you have and the time you allotted?

– If so, great.

– If not, you’ll need to revise, one two or all of these numbers.

  1. Finally, decide how you want the videos to look.

– Are you going to go with formal and traditional?

– Light and candid?

– Live mixed with B-roll?

– Straight narrative?

– Images with voiceover?

– These are important decisions to make as they will dictate the length of the videos and how long each will take to edit.

– I hope these tips help you get great video.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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