What are Dental Patients Searching for Online?

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Patient Attraction Episode 700

Google is not only the most-used search engine in the world, it’s also a fount of useful information for dentists. What do YOU think are the most-searched big-ticket dental terms each month? Here’s a hint: They’re probably not what you think. I’ll be back with the details, AND a SPECIAL OFFER, after the break.

– Welcome to the 700th episode of the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I’m Colin Receveur, CEO and founder of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– We always do something special for these landmark episodes, and this one is no exception.

– At the end, I’ll tell you about an AMAZING offer from SmartBox Web Marketing!

– Now, to today’s topic: Google can do more for you than you think.

– A recent report summarized Google dental search terms on a monthly basis from the beginning of 2015 through December 15.

– I found the results surprising.

– The data is very useful for dentists who do more than fillings and crowns – and for those who want to.

– The search terms cosmetic dentist, dental implants, sedation dentistry, dentures, and Invisalign were used an average of 390,000 times a month in the U.S.

– That’s not bad at all: nearly 5 million times a year.

– HOWEVER, the search terms TMJ, TMD, tinnitus, migraine, and headache were used 1.1 million times a month, on average!

– That’s right: There were THREE TIMES as many searches for conditions that aren’t traditionally linked to dentistry.

– And yet, it’s been shown that dentists can and do treat these conditions successfully.

– Many times, the dental solution is far more effective than the traditional medical treatment.

– This is a huge opportunity for any dentist who wants to add one or more specialties in a high-reward area.

– Did you see JADA’s October issue?

– The cover story stated that more than 16 percent of ALL patients suffer from these symptoms that aren’t traditionally linked to dentistry.

– Not just dental patients: one-sixth of ALL patients.

– That’s HUGE.

– Now, there’s nothing wrong with Invisalign; but the same report noted that there are already some 17,000 U.S. dentists offering Invisalign.

– AND that the total GLOBAL market for Invisalign is only 2-3 million people.

– BUT there’s an estimated 18 MILLION people in the U.S. with sleep apnea.

– That’s more than one in every 20 people.

– If you’re interested in attracting more and better patients, AND increasing your collections by a SIGNIFICANT amount, this is an opportunity you definitely should investigate.

– Now to our special 700th episode offer: Just for watching this podcast, you can get a FREE half-day in-studio video shoot, valued at $6,000!

– Our legal team says I have to tell you that some restrictions apply, so contact SmartBox Web Marketing for details.

– In tomorrow’s podcast, I’ll begin a four-part series on dental marketing emails.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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