Web 3.0 and Your Dental Practice (Part 2)

Patient Attraction Episode 308

Hi! Colin here, and it’s good to have you with me again. Today, I will continue telling you about how Web 3.0 can help dentists achieve profitability, stability, and overall success. Stay tuned.

– Yesterday I listed 7 components you can use to maximize Web 3.0’s potential to bring you more patients, more profits and more freedom.

– Today I’ll give you a brief overview of each component and how it works.

– First, SEO, or search engine optimization.

– SEO applies to a whole host of processes involved in optimizing your website and your online efforts, but they all boil down to these key points:

  • They make your site more visible to search engines and increase your page rank through natural search results.
  • They make your site more visible to potential patients looking for specific information on dental topics that are important to them.

– Second, paid search programs have been around for quite some time.

– These are paid advertisements that appear along with natural search results when your potential patients search through Google or another search engine for your targeted keywords.

– AdWords is Google’s pay-per-click, or PPC, program and is one of the most popular.

– There are other paid search options, including those used on Facebook.

– Third, local search optimization is perhaps the best branch of SEO for your practice.

– It is the process of integrating your geographic location in your keywords, but it has proven to be enormously important for local businesses just like yours, decreasing the level of competition you face from national and international services during web searches.

Social networking is not new.

– Chances are, you already use it personally.

– However, it also can be an immense benefit to your practice.

– More businesses are using social networking to their advantage, and it’s actually been compared to SEO in terms of effectiveness.

– There are different social networks that you need to use, as they’re geared toward different audiences and uses.

– As you’ve seen from my previous podcasts, though, I question its effectiveness for dentists.

– Fifth, online video has become one of the most interesting phenomenons of the modern age.

– Consider the rise of YouTube – today it’s one of the most heavily used websites in existence.

– There are many ways that you can put online video to use for your practice, and all help you make a connection with prospective patients.

– Sixth, mobile technology has changed the way that people interact with the Internet.

– It has become the norm to find information online via a smartphone or to look up directions and information about local businesses on portable devices.

– However, mobile technology presents some unique challenges to dental practice owners.

– One thing to consider: how do you ensure that your website displays correctly on small phone screens?

– Mobile marketing also requires several other considerations, but it is immensely effective.

– Finally, blogging has been around for several years (it’s one of the original Web 2.0 components).

– It is still a vital and effective tool for businesses large and small.

– Using a blog can help you connect with your patients and prospective patients on a personal level, and it is good for SEO.

– Tomorrow we’ll look at 10 benefits of using these tools to maximize Web 3.0.

– Until then, keep moving forward.



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