Visibility Doesn’t Equal New Patients

Patient Attraction Episode 236

Yesterday we talked about how being seen by prospects is the first step in a successful web marketing strategy. But just being found doesn’t equal new patients. Come back, and I’ll tell you about the most overlooked aspect of web marketing.

– Colin here and today I want to tell you about the second of our four pillars of a successful web marketing strategy.

– It is conversion.

– Just a reminder, the four pillars are:

– attraction

– conversion

– follow-up

– tracking

– Conversion is very simple.

– It means taking someone who has found you, and getting them to set an appointment.

– That might be via your website, or that might be through a phone call.

– But what a conversion is NOT is a click.

– Having someone click a link to your website, or even a link from your website to another page within your website is not a conversion.

– I have seen dentists with hundreds and thousands of clicks, but they get zero phone calls and zero butts in chairs.

– Obviously they are doing a good job with attraction if they are getting all those page views.

– But that’s why this is one of the more overlooked aspects of web marketing.

– Many dentists think they buy visibility and magically butts appear in their chair.

– In large part that’s because many web marketing companies sell dentists on the ideas that clicks matter.

– When dealing with conversion, only one kind matters.

– Not page goals in Google Analytics or a “Like” on Facebook.

– A conversion is when somebody picks up your phone and calls your office.

– Until they pick up the phone, they are a lead.

– So how do you convert that click or lead into a patient?

– You address patients’ three needs:

  1. Are you going to hurt them?
  2. What are you going to charge?
  3. Are you going to do the work right?

– That last one has nothing to do with your training.

– It has to do with whether they trust you, whether you have credibility with them.

– Two of the most powerful ways to do that are:

  1.  Have a problem/solution-oriented website.

–  Most dentists have a services-based website.

– But the patient’s problem is not Invisalign; it’s that they are embarrassed to smile.

– Implants aren’t the patient’s problem; it’s that they can’t eat the foods they love.

– Orient your website to deal with patient problems to earn credibility.

  1. Use video.

– Video expresses things that you can’t put into words.

– Most communication is nonverbal.

– Video of you and your staff lets people get to know you.

– This goes back to Dr. Robert Cialdini’s principle of likeability.

– Video of testimonials allows patients to advocate for you.

– This goes to Dr. Cialdini’s idea of social proof.

– Use these methods and you will have two of the four pillars.

– Tomorrow we’ll talk about staying in front of your prospects until they are ready to call.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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