Use or Lose Your Dental Google My Business Page

Patient Attraction Episode 530: Use or Lose Your Dental Google My Business Page


I strongly recommend that you have a great Google My Business presence, so over the years, I have done quite a few podcasts on Google My Business, which combined Google Places and Google+ Local into one. Now, Google may remove your Google My Business page if you aren’t keeping it updated. I’ll tell you more about that when we return.

– Colin here and welcome to the Saturday edition of the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Google My Business simplifies how you present your practice across the various Google platforms.

– It allows you to post your location, keywords about your practice, a description, and images.

– You also can:

– Update information about your business across Search, Maps and Google+ from one location.

– Use apps on Android and Apple mobile devices.

– See and respond to reviews of your business and track ratings over time from one location.

– See the numbers of views and clicks you get and where patients are when they request directions.

– And manage multiple office locations from one place.

– Patients can also post reviews about your practice.

– But Google put quite a charge in the online marketing world when bloggers started reporting over the summer that Google would unverify Google My Business accounts that had been inactive for six months.

– At first you think, “Six months. That’s a long time.”

– But when was the last time you LOGGED IN to your Google My Business Account?

– Google is sending users an email to confirm they are still actively managing their page.

– If Google doesn’t get a response, it will unverify the page.

– And that’s bad.

– An unverified page confuses prospects, who may not be sure if you’re still in practice or not.

– Fortunately, this is a pretty easy fix:

– Keep your Google My Business Page updated!

– This means signing in and adding pictures, adjusting the content, posting video, posting announcements, etc.

– I don’t mean every day, of course.

– But periodically.

– This is also important because there are reports that Google has begun removing Google+ pages that are unverified.

– This would leave your practice’s main presence as Google maps or search engine results pages.

– But, as I said, you can avoid any of these problems by simply keeping your Google My Business up to date.

– This will be good as people search locally for a great dentist such as yourself.

– To see more podcasts about Google My Business, go to

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– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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