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Patient Attraction Episode 911

No matter how good your dental marketing seems to be, the only thing that really counts is how many new patients you appoint. This “butts in chairs” metric is what far too many dental marketing firms don’t obtain for their clients. After the break, I’ll tell you about the crucial step in the marketing process that will make or break your practice.

– Welcome the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– What is your current dental marketing company promising you in exchange for your hard-earned marketing dollars?

– Clicks, impressions, likes, views, or website traffic?

– Those are good, and necessary, but none of those will put more new patient butts in chairs.

– You get new patients by giving them reasons to pick up the phone and call your office for an appointment – or, to request an appointment online.

– But even that isn’t the determining factor in your success.

– The crucial step is in the hands of the person or persons who answer your phones.

That’s the make-or-break moment in your success.

– I know a lot of dentists, and almost all of them think that their phone answerers are fabulous.

– That’s not true in far too many cases, and we know that because we actually record and listen to every phone call to those practices.

– Our exclusive Zetetics® phone tracking service automatically records every incoming call, identifies the marketing piece that prompted the call, and stores the recording in a database.

– Our SmartBox team of Call Quality Analysts listens to and evaluates every call, particularly the new patient calls.

– Dentists are astounded when they learn how many new patients aren’t appointed every month because the phone answerer didn’t take charge of the call.

– Or the answerer somehow offended the caller or put them off.

– You may have the world’s greatest phone answerers, or you may not.

– You certainly don’t have time to hang out in the office and listen to your calls.

– But without analyzing the success or failure of each new patient call, you’ll never know how much money you’re not making.

– To learn more about our Zetetics phone tracking service, visit smartboxdentalmarketing.com/zetetics.

– Tune in to the next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.