Townie Dentists Learn to Market “Like A Boss”

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Hello everyone, I’m coming to you for a second day from beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. Yesterday, I spent the day at the annual Townie Meeting talking to dozens of dentists before giving my presentation, “How to Dominate the Internet … Like a Boss.”
– What I found in the conversations is that dentists run the full spectrum when it comes to web marketing.
– Some don’t know anything more about web marketing than that they need it.
– Others have dabbled a little but need some help.
– And on the other end, some dentists are ready to dominate their markets.
– They know they need to improve their websites, dominate Google, use awesome videos, track their leads, and automate their marketing efforts.
– So while this may be known as “the biggest dental party in the world,” many practices are finding out what they need to attract more and better patients.
– As great as yesterday was, I’ve got something even better for you tomorrow.
– Tomorrow, I get to talk to the remarkable Howard Farran, owner, founder, and CEO of Today’s Dental family practice in Phoenix, AZ, and Dentaltown, Orthotown and Hygienetown.
– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.