Tools to Help Dentists Manage Their Time (Part I)

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Patient Attraction Episode 334

Welcome to the Saturday edition of the Patient Attraction Podcast. For the next two days, I’m going to give you some online time-management tools that should help get organized and give you more time to focus on your business – or yourself. Stay tuned.

– Colin here, and today and tomorrow I want to give you some online tools that can help you use your time more efficiently.

– Some of these are very common and you may already be using them.

– One instance of that is POP3 or IMAP protocol.

– These aren’t actually programs themselves.

– But they are ways you can get all of you email addresses to come into the same inbox.

– Whether you use Gmail, like I do, Outlook, Yahoo, whatever, in the advanced settings, you can set up the POP3 or IMAP to bring ALL of you email addresses into that one box.

– No more having to open Outlook to see your professional email and to see your personal email.

– Google also has an App called Inbox.

– It consolidates everything you get through Gmail into one place, and lets you see things like updates, flight status, and pictures without opening the email.

– It also shows you your to-do list, and allows you to snooze messages and reminders.

– You do need an invitation to get Inbox, but it’s easy to request one.

– For more information, go to

– There are some other apps out there that are also pretty cool.

– For instance, trigger-action tools connect different apps.,

– So if use one app, it triggers another app to do something.

– A neat one is Zappier.

– A really cool feature of it is that you can drop a file in Google drive and trigger an email to let someone know it is there.

– There are lots of other triggers and apps that work together, so check that one out.

– I’m going to give you one more type of online tool today and that is cloud storage.

– There are two that I use pretty extensively.

– One is Dropbox.

– It allows you to move documents into an online folder.

– Anyone you give the link to can then access the documents.

– Google drive works much the same way.

– The good thing about working with Google drive is that, if you use Google docs, you can collaborate on documents, see revision history and so on.

– OK, I think that is enough for today.

– Come back tomorrow and I’ll give you some more time-saving applications and programs.

– Until then, keep moving forward.