Tools to Help Dentists Manage Their Time (Part 2)

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Patient Attraction Episode 334

Yesterday I gave you some time-management tools to help you devote more time to your patients, your practice or yourself. But I couldn’t fit them all in one day. So I’ll give you more when we return.

– Colin here on Sunday, February 15.

– Thanks for joining me on the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Today I want to start with some sites that can help you with transcription.

– You have probably heard of Google Voice and Skype.

– Google Voice is a way that you can send all of your phone calls through one voicemail box and get transcriptions of the calls.

– I’ll go ahead and warn you: the transcriptions are terribly inaccurate.

– But they are enough to get the gist of a conversation.

– Skype itself doesn’t record or transcribe calls, but there are tools you can add to get that functionality.

– What I really want to tell you about is

– It is a fee service that charges by the minute and varies on how quickly you need the transcription done.

– But what’s cool about it is that you can upload audio or video files directly to the site for transcription.

– You can even upload a URL with such a file, including a YouTube page.

– So if you have taken my advice on these podcasts and created a video library, you can post the transcription to go along with them.

– And that’s a good thing.

– Finally, I’m going to give you a broad one: Use your smartphone better.

– Use Siri or whatever automated assistant you have to do simple task.

– Use the calendar on your phone to keep track of important dates.

– There are even some programs that will allow you to consolidate calendars and manage them all.

– Along those lines, don’t overlook one of the greatest organization tools ever invented: the Franklin Planner.

– But instead of using the paper version, Franklin Covey offers web and mobile apps to do the job for you.

– Staying organized is a great way to create more time for yourself.

– I hope these tips have been helpful.

– Google the names and you’ll be able to find them online.

– Come back tomorrow for President’s Day when I will tell you how Abraham Lincoln can help you get more and better patients.

– Until then, keep moving forward.