Tips for Winning Dental Marketing Emails

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Done correctly, dental email marketing can bring big results for dental practices – over time. In today’s podcast, I’ll conclude our 4-day look at what makes great dental marketing emails, and the best way to stay in front of your patients.

– In our 3 previous segments on effective dental email marketing, I’ve covered:

– the subject line,

– the email template and branding,

– the value proposition and how to support it,

– and the call-to-action and the response feature.

– Welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– I want to emphasize that the entire content of your email has to work seamlessly to convey your offer and get the patient to accept.

– On day 2 of this series, I stressed not including pictures or video, which can make your email load slowly or not at all.

– But pictures can emphasize your message and increase your email’s impact.

– A reasonably sized picture that is relevant to and supportive of your value proposition can really boost your conversion numbers.

– Think thumbnail before-and-after pictures for a whitening offer.

– And again, consider a text-only version of your email for recipients with older technology or whose email programs won’t download pictures by default.

– Now, although your email has to have a SINGLE goal, there’s a way to make a great email do double duty for you.

– You can also use it to introduce your potential patients to you and your practice.

– If you’re on social media, consider including link buttons to your Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Tumblr.

– You can include a secondary call-to-action for your social media, but make sure it doesn’t compete with your primary CTA.

– Other things to include:

– A link to your privacy policy, because more and more people are concerned about online privacy.

– And an unsubscribe button.

– Yes, everyone hates to lose a potential patient.

– But the bad word-of-mouth you’ll suffer if you keep sending emails to people who don’t want them is worse.

– As valuable as great email marketing can be, it’s not a complete marketing solution for most dental practices.

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– Join me for tomorrow’s podcast for a look at what people expect when they’re on your mobile website.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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