Tips for Quality Writing that Draws Dental Patients (part 2)

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Patient Attraction Episode 411

One of my pet peeves is dentists who market to other dentists. I alluded to it in our last podcast, but I want to give some suggestions on avoiding this problem in your content when we return. Stay tuned.

– Unless you live in DentalTown, you are not going to get very far with content that only dentists would understand.

– I think dentists’ desire to do this stems from one place: ego.

– Most dentists are afraid to talk in regular language for fear they will not seem like experts.

– But seem like experts to whom?

– Most of your prospects have no idea what dental caries are.

– But they ALL know what cavities are.

– Some prospects may know what periodontitis is, but not many.

– But they ALL know what red, puffy gums or gum disease is.

– “But Colin, those don’t mean exactly the same thing.”

– I would answer, “So what?”

– The only people who would know the difference are other dentists!

– Using big words and technical terms don’t convince prospects you are an expert.

– Diagnosing, explaining and fixing their problems shows you are an expert!

– So what can we do to keep you from making this mistake:

  1. Write to ease understanding.

– Our rule of thumb is to write at an 8th-grade level to make sure everyone can understand what you are talking about.

– There are numerous websites that can tell you the reading level of the copy.

– Just because someone isn’t a good reader doesn’t mean they aren’t a good prospect.

– And if they are a good reader, they’ll get through the copy that much easier and be less likely to leave the page.

  1. Don’t use dental jargon.

– Amalgam fillings are silver fillings.

– Extraction is removing teeth.

– Bruxism is grinding teeth.

– Occlusion is bite.

– Prophylaxis is a professional teeth cleaning.

– Using these dental terms shows you are more concerned about looking smart than communicating with patients.

  1. Don’t mislead.

– As I said last time, be as clear as possible.

– People are used to misleading marketing.

– What’s refreshing is when content marketing is clear on the benefits and what it takes to get them.

– We are halfway through our series on using your website to convert prospects into patients.

– I hope you’re finding it useful.

– Tomorrow, we’ll talk about the benefits of your blog and other social media.

– Until then, keep moving forward.