This One Action May be Costing Dentists a Fortune

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Patient Attraction Episode 459

You might remember in our podcast with Dr. Howard Farran a couple of months ago, Howard chastised dentists for not answering their phones. He said the front desk is a part of sales and marketing, and too few dentists took it seriously. I’m going to give you some data that validates that point. Stay tuned.

– Hi, Colin Receveur on this TGI Friday June 19.

– Dr. Howard Farran is an amazing guy.

– Incredibly successful dentist.

– Media mogul.

– Just an incredible guy.

– When I talked to him at the Townie Meeting in April, he said one of dentists’ biggest problems centers around the phone.

– Dentists close their phones so front desk staff can take off for lunch, and then don’t answer the calls that come in the throughout the day appropriately or at all.

– He gave the example that if a Chinese restaurant got twice as many calls, its business would explode.

– Dental practices would answer every phone call with,  “Can you please hold? “

– Dentists don’t answer half their calls and can’t understand why they don’t have any revenue.

– Dentists need to change this culture and it starts with the doctor, Dr. Farran said.

– Dental practices need to make sure someone is answer phone calls before and after traditional work hours AND during lunch.

– Recently, another dental marketing firm released some statistics that back up what he said and confirm what we see anecdotally from some of our own clients.

– They said they had clients who get more than 200 phone calls in a campaign year and convert 50 percent of those into new patients.

– Another set of patients got more than 200 phone calls per campaign year and complained about not getting enough new patients.

– First, let me stop right there.

– 200 phone calls in a campaign year?

– Unless a campaign year is a month or two, 200 phone calls is far too few phone calls for a client who has been marketing online for more than 6 months.

– But that notwithstanding, let’s continue.

– The difference, they said, is whether the client emphasizes phone call conversions.

– They found that none of their clients were listening to phone calls, about a third didn’t start listening even when they told them that their phone staff was not doing a good job, and 10 percent dropped the phone recording service altogether when mistakes were pointed out.

– I’ve got to say, we have clients who don’t listen to their calls, too.

– Another stat they uncovered was that their clients never answered 20 percent of their incoming calls.

– Most of those were because the office was closed at the time of the call.

– This gets right to Howard Farran’s point.

– They also found that fewer than half of their clients were willing to make sure the phones were covered on the dentists’ off days and during lunch.

– These guys confirmed through their research something I have told viewers of this podcast over and over again:

– I can deliver you phone calls and online appointments.

– But you and your staff have to close the deal.

– You have to answer the phones and contact the prospects.

– Otherwise, you’re wasting your effort, losing money, and costing yourself a fortune.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.