This Incredible Discovery Should Outrage You

Patient Attraction Episode 194

Hey everyone, it’s Monday, Aug. 18 and today I’m going to embarrass a member of my staff in hopes it motivates you enough to improve your website. Stay tuned.

– Hi. Colin Receveur here, and I’ve spent several podcasts over the last couple of years talking aboutsearch engine optimization, or SEO.

– One of the important things I have told you is that your website MUST have unique copy to get maximum SEO value.

– So a few weeks ago, one of our copywriters came to me very embarrassed.

– He had gotten some info about a client’s practice from the client’s old website.

– When he wrote the report for the client, the client told him he didn’t do half of the procedures mentioned in the report – despite his former website saying he did!

– To add insult to injury, our writer found the text on the old website to be the exact same as text on a different client’s old website.

– And the clients were halfway across the country from each other!

– These two clients had bought a package from a website design company, and they got a cookie-cutter template website.

– The websites LOOKED different but the content wasall the same.

– You know what having duplicate copy got them for search engine optimization? Bupkis!

– That probably explains why they ended up having to call me because they weren’t getting any new patients from their website.

– You see, having duplicate copy is a big no-no in the world of SEO.

– Not only does it not BOOST your SEO, but Google can even PENALIZE you for having duplicate copy.

– So remember that what may seem like a good discount deal on the front end is just really a waste of money in the long run.

– At SmartBox, all of our web page copy is unique to each client.

– Obviously many of our clients do the same procedures, and it would be very easy to use a template on dental implants, sedation or Invisalign.

– But that wouldn’t get our clients to the top of any search pages, and it wouldn’t get them paying, staying and referring patients.

– Before the end of this week, you should copy some of the text from your website and paste it into a Google search and see how many other dentists are using that exact wording.

– When some of you see the number of dentists using that same copy, you should be outraged.

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– Until then, keep moving forward.


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