This 1 Trait Will Make Employees Love Your Practice

Patient Attraction Episode 518

I want to spend the next two days talking about your business. Not just about web marketing, but building your practice as a business. Stay tuned.

– Colin Receveur here.

– I’m not in the practice-consulting business, but I have been around a lot of very successful practices.

– Today and tomorrow, I want to look at a couple of articles I found on LinkedIn recently that I think can benefit dentists.

– The first is about building the perfect workplace.

– The writer talks about Google as America’s best company to work, according to Fortune magazine.

– But he says it is not because of all the great perks Google offers.

– And man are the perks good: fantastic food, free gyms, bonuses, and great parental leave are just some he mentions.

– No, the writer maintains these are just evidence of the real reason people love working for Google: relationships.

– Google forces people through a variety of ways to interact with their colleagues and meet co-workers they don’t know.

– These relationships drive Google’s employees to have such high job satisfaction.

– That is the company’s culture.

– The article goes on to say that culture is becoming an increasingly important factor in determining how successful a company will become.

– The writer cites Deloitte’s latest annual survey of 3,300 executives in 106 countries, which found that top managers say culture is the most important issue they face, over leadership, workforce capability, performance management, or anything else.

– He also lists four traits from Fortune’s 100 Best Companies list that make the biggest difference in a company’s culture.

– They are:

  1. Mission: company leaders make sure employees know they are chasing a “larger purpose.”
  2. Colleagues: getting the best to work with the best.
  3. Trust: this means showing employees you trust them and letting them prove you right.
  4. Caring: showing employees the company cares, rather than just saying it.

– So how does your dental practice stack up?

– Does your staff see the practice’s larger purpose?

– Do they respect each other, knowing that you hire the best people?

– Do you show that you trust their judgment and professionalism?

– Do you show your employees that you care about them?

– Or do you think this is all a bunch of psychobabble?

– We have a great case study about one of our clients who transformed his dysfunctional office into a gold mine.

– If you are interested in finding out how Dr. Raleigh Pioch went from $800K in collections to $3.2 million in only 6 years facing one of the most competitive markets in the country, get a free download of our case study at

– Come back tomorrow when we’ll talk about the traits of successful people.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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