The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Google+ (part 4)

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Patient Attraction Episode 374

Welcome to the final day of our look at Google+. I’ll finish up with three more ways dentists can maximize Google+’s effectiveness when we return.

– So we’ve covered ways to recycle content, maximize the reach of your website and customize your Google+ URL.

– Here are three more ways you can use Google+ to help you attract more and better patients:

  1. Use lots of visual aids.

– Google+ lets you incorporate photos, videos and GIFs, which are kind of both.

– A picture is worth a thousand words, and a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

– I’ve never seen how many words a GIF is worth, though.

  1. Choose the first 55-60 characters of your post carefully.

– This is similar to manually writing the Title for your blog posts or web pages.

– The first 55-60 characters, including spaces, of your Google+ post is what Google uses as the Title on search results pages.

– Make it snappy and work in a keyword or phrase if you can.

  1. Work the “About” menu.

– There are two key ways to do this.

– First, similar to the Title I spoke about before, you can provide the information that Google will use as the description under the title in search results.

– You have to really sell your practice here in fewer than 160 characters, so choose what you say wisely.

– Second, there is a “Links” section in the About menu.

– You definitely want to include your website, blog, other social media channels, and any landing pages you may have set up.

– Take advantage of every opportunity Google gives you to be seen by more of the patients you want.

– I hope you have found this series useful.

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Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.