The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Google+ (part 2)

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Patient Attraction Episode 372

Welcome back to our four-day discussion about Google+. When we come back, we’ll look in more detail about how Google+ boosts dentists’ SEO. Stay tuned.

– Getting found on Google is the driving force behind most web marketing.

– Whether it is organic search or paid results, you want to be as high as possible on a search engine results page for the niches you want to dominate.

– But Google does everything it can to keep people and companies from manipulating these results.

– EXCEPT when it’s in Google’s interest to help you manipulate these results.

– Google+ is one of those instances.

– Google wants you to use Google+, so they have given you incentives for doing so.

– Here are 5 examples of how using Google+ helps dentists get found online.

  1. Google indexes Google+ users faster than non-users.

– Normally you have to ask Google to index your site.

– But if you share web pages to Google+, Google indexes them automatically.

– This means the content is searchable faster.

– And that’s a good thing if you want to be found.

  1. Google indexes content from Google+.

– Every time you post in Google+, it is searchable in Google.

– This means your blogs can appear not only from your website, but also from your Google+.

– So it’s like a 2-for-1 that increases your likelihood of being found in search results.

– Along those same lines…

  1. Website and blog content get more clickthroughs in search results.

– Google+ users can be identified in search engine results.

– It used to be that you would see a picture of the author with the title and description, but Google doesn’t do that anymore.

  1. Social sharing boosts search engine results, despite what Google says.

– Google+ uses a button that says +1.

– Clicking this +1 button allows someone to share your website content on Google+ and recommends it to Google Search.

– Now, Google says those +1s don’t affect search engine results rankings.

– But independent SEO researchers have found that the more +1s a page has, the higher it ranks.

– So be sure to include this +1 button on your web pages.

  1. Finally, and most importantly, having a Google+ business page is better than a Google ad.

– When a search engine results page comes up that includes a Google+ business, Google shows information about that business to the right of the results.

– It even comes with a “Follow” button so the search can be connected to the business.

– How beneficial do you think that would be?

– As you can see, there are many SEO perks to putting your practice on Google+.

– Tomorrow and Thursday, I’ll tell you what to put in your Google+.

Until then, keep moving forward.