The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Google+ (part 1)

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Patient Attraction Episode 371

If I asked you to describe Facebook to your neighbor in 100 words or less, I bet you wouldn’t have much trouble. Same with Twitter and LinkedIn. I bet you could even describe Dentrix or Eaglesoft in 100 words or less. When we come back, I’m going to make sure you can do the same with Google+. Stay tuned.

– Colin Receveur here on Monday, March 23.

– For the next four days, I want to make sure you are aware of Google+ and, more importantly, why it matters.

– First, the basics.

– Google+ is a social network.

– It is part of your Google account.

– It’s kind of like Facebook in that you can import your contacts, then assign them to segments of your life.

– In Google+, these are called circles..

– You can also join public circles, called Communities, about things that interest you, just like on Facebook.

– And like on Facebook, you have a feed.

– And since Google+ is part of Google, when you search something on Google, results from your circles will show up in the results.

– There are several other features, such as Hangouts, which lets you instant message and video chat, that are pretty neat as well.

– You can also post reviews on Google+, as many dentists are finding out.

– So why haven’t you heard of or been more engaged with Google+?

– It’s just not that popular.

– It just has always been playing catch-up to the social media networks it seeks to replace and has never been able to unseat them.

– But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to your advantage.

– For instance, you can get added search engine value for setting up a Google+ local page.

– Use the right keywords and it can help you show up higher on search engine results pages.

– These pages also allow you to show photos, maps, information and reviews about your practice.

– Posts you make in Google+ also appear in Google search results.

– This increases your visibility and authority.

– There are many other ways Google+ can benefit your practice.

– I’m going to tell you in more detail over the next three days.

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Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.