The Smart Way to Establish Yourself on Local Search

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Patient Attraction Podcast 314

Hello, Colin Receveur here. I’m glad you tuned in today. Yesterday, I talked about how your prospective patients are looking for a personalized, mobile-friendly, local experience when looking for goods and services, including a dentist. When we come back, I’m going to tell you some ways to establish yourself on local search.

– Google Maps is a great place to get started when you want to get serious about managing your public and local presence.

– My suggestion is that you use Google Maps to find the physical address of your office.

– You may see it just pops up as a location or you might see it shows your address as your actual business.

– Google is a tremendous aggregator of data.

– The information it has obtained has tagged your address or phone number as belonging to your dental office and created the listing.

– You may be really surprised to see there are photographs and reviews available for your office too!

– These are all reasons to quickly claim your Google Places page, now called Google My Business, and to begin directing a regular stream of attention to it.

– Your Google My Business page will have: basic information, how to contact you, hours of operation, payment options, categories (keywords), photos and videos, and additional details.

– You start by simply heading to and signing in with your existing account or creating a Google account.

– You will have to have a Google account to begin making your page, but Google makes this ridiculously simple to do.

– As you make your way into Google My Business, be prepared because entering your address may show there is already a Google My Business page for you!

– One of the primary tips for success with local listings is creating your own profile – you can take advantage of every opportunity to supply text, images, categories, keywords, and video, too!

– Aside from entering or verifying the basic information about your practice, you will find tucked discreetly into the basic information area the remarkably powerful and important categories section.

– This is one of the two major aspects of Google My Business that you really need to maximize.

– Google My Business views categories as the way to categorize your dental practice (obviously) or to classify it by the use of recognizable and relevant terms.

– It will usually suggest categories that seem to be a good match.

– After choosing one of Google’s categories from its drop down menu, you still have four terms you can add as you wish.

– Those remaining four categories should include your keywords used for SEO purposes.

– For instance, your dental office generates the drop-down category of “dentists,” and you elect to have that placed as one of the categories.

– You also can use “emergency dentistry,” “cosmetic dentistry,” “oral surgeon,” “periodontist,” and many more.

– The other option you should be ready to jump on?

– Videos and photos.

– Once you get into the photos and videos, you have to be ready to use every opportunity available, but also remember to regularly update some of these items, too.

– Having an opportunity to load up to five videos (through an existing YouTube account) is just like having free advertising options.

– Videos give you a chance to showcase your facility, your staff, the products and services you offer, and introduce yourself to your future patients!

– The photos give the same option, and I suggest you ALWAYS use all 10 available spots.

– These are just some of the ways you can use Google to increase your local search visibility.

– Thanks for joining me today.

– I encourage you to put these tips to good use for your practice.

– For more information on attracting the patients YOU want, go to and download my book “Attract More Patients in the Next Six Months Than in the Last Six Years.”

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– Keep moving forward.