The SECRETS Behind Targeting the Right Patients (Part 2)

Patient Attraction Episode 643

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TOMS Shoes is a popular footwear company that is known for creating comfortable, fashionable and inexpensive shoes. But that’s not what makes TOMS unique. What is unique about TOMS  is that the footwear company gives away 1 pair of shoes for every one purchased. THAT’S what TOMS wants us to know about their company, and it’s exactly what compels people to continue buying TOMS shoes. When we return, I’ll tell you ways you can use a unique selling proposition – just like TOMS has – to help your dental practice thrive. Stay tuned.

– Welcome to today’s Patient Attraction Podcast.

– In yesterday’s podcast, I told you about how dentists who narrow their marketing enjoy more patients and more profits.

– Today, I want to discuss ways you can differentiate yourself and stand apart from your competitors.

– It’s one thing to tell everybody that you are different, and it’s an entirely another thing to actually SHOW how you are different.

– So, here are few easy ways to make your dental practice stand out in the digital age.

– Use Your Personality.

– As the dentist and the business owner, you are the biggest reason people select the practice or move to another dentist.

– Use your personal stamp in blogs, web content or email automation to nurture new and existing patients.

– Tell them how ONLY YOU can solve their dental problems and return their mouth to a healthier state.

Narrow Your Target Audience.

– People on your website should mirror the patients that you want to attract.

– There is no use in having a website with vague information about general treatments.

– Use your digital image to set yourself apart and appeal to the patients you want in your office.

– You do this by narrowing the topic.

– If you are interested in providing dental implants, learn what compels those patients to buy and touch on those points throughout your website.

– In today’s age and competitive market, it’s all about how YOU present yourself and your services.

– Always consider your unique selling proposition and hammer that idea so patients begin to set you apart from your competitors.

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– Join me again tomorrow when I’ll discuss how being a better writer can help grow your practice to the next level.   

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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