The SECRETS Behind Targeting the Right Patients (Part 1)

Patient Attraction Episode 642

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Patients don’t want to know about your dental procedure; they want to know how YOU and that procedure can help them. When we return, I will tell you about 1 BIG MISTAKE you are making trying to grow your practice. Stay tuned.

– Colin here, and welcome to the Saturday Patient Attraction Podcast.

–  If you watch this podcast regularly, chances are you have heard me talk about finding your unique selling proposition.

– This is what sets you apart from your competitors.

– But patient attraction goes much deeper than finding something unique about your practice.

– You need to understand how your patients think and what your competitors are failing to take advantage of.

– Every dental office claims to have the friendliest staff.

– Every dental office says it treats patients like members of their own family.

– None of that is unique, and it especially does not touch on what is important to patients.

– Patients want to know how YOU can solve their problems and make them feel great.

– Most of you are practicing in highly competitive markets, and touting nice employees and friendliness does even come close to squashing the competition.

– Successful dentists understand that narrowing their focus and their marketing strategy leads to more and better patients.

– Without establishing a focused audience, it’s like you are driving around without a destination and hoping that you end up in the right place.

– Focused marketing helps you find the RIGHT PATIENTS that you want to treat.

– You’ve heard the old saying that when you try to please everyone, you please no one, right?

– That applies to your dental marketing.

– When you paint with broad brush strokes, you end up with results that don’t appeal to any patients.

– Most dentists don’t want to believe that this focused marketing approach can bring them more and better patients.

– They want to continue trying to please everywhere.

– But the results speak for themselves.

– When you focus on 1 issue or 1 advantage for your patients, you’ll attract dedicated patients that will see your value over the dental practice down the street.

– Take it from my father, Dr. Ronald Receveur, a dentist here in New Albany, Indiana.

– Since switching to this model, he has seen profits like never before.  

– If you want to see how Dr. Ron has increased collections from $900K to more than $2 million in just five years without “selling,” you should go to

– Tomorrow I’m going to tell you how you can implement a successful marketing strategy that appeals to the patients you want.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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