The Secret to Attracting Dental Patients Revealed

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Patient Attraction Episode 284

Hello everyone, Colin Receveur, CEO and founder of SmartBox Web Marketing, and I have some very exciting news to announce. I’ll give it to you when we return. Stay tuned.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– As you know, I try not to shill too much for my company during this podcast.

– I want it to be informative and educational whether you work with us or not.

– But today I have some important company news to announce:

– SmartBox is going to be the featured practice spotlight in the January issue of Dentaltown.

– Our special four-page supplement will be on the cover of the magazine.

– I’m really excited as Dentaltown is an important publication in the dental industry and it gives us a vast reach to teach about web marketing.

– But I couldn’t let that information go out without first presenting it to our loyal podcast following.

– So I’m going to take five podcasts over the next nine days to tell YOU what the Dentaltown audience will see next week.

– It’s a truncated version of what the audience at the 13th Annual Townie Meeting will hear when I speak at the event, which is at the Bellagio in Las Vegas next April 15-18.

– If you’ve watched the podcast for a while, you’ve heard various parts before.

– But this may be the first time you hear how our industry-leading patient attraction system works.

– Today, we’re going to shine a spotlight on dentists who are experiencing success with a new type of “systems-based” patient attraction.

– Most dentists approach getting patients as a cause-and-effect type of event.

– Dentist A places an advertisement in a local paper and then waits for patients to respond.

– He has advertised and now expects patients to start rolling in: cause and effect.

– This straightforward approach has produced acceptable, though unpredictable, results in the past.

– But how patients choose a dental provider has changed in the Internet age, so reaching ideal patients has become far more difficult.

– Getting prospective patients to pay enough attention to properly assess their options for dental care becomes more and more difficult as patients encounter an increasing number of advertising messages across multiple media channels each day.

– Even as MORE products and services compete for prospects’ diminishing attention, those same prospects trust each piece of “advertising” LESS.

– Patients are left to choose a dental care provider based on the worst possible criteria: price and speed.

– When a prospective patient sees you as a “technician” who deals with teeth instead of as a trusted advisor, it fundamentally changes how your patients perceive you.

– With a “systems-based” approach to patient attraction, you can strategically position yourself as not just A trusted dental advisor, but as THE trusted dental advisor in your prospective patients’ minds.

– This type of approach produces two benefits:

  1. Prospective patients perceive your practice as the only logical choice.
  2. Their resistance to fees is drastically minimized.

– So now we have just jumped into why dentists need a systems-based patient attraction.

– Tomorrow we’ll talk about the “how” of patient attraction.

– Until then, keep moving forward.