The Power of Natural Links and Link Building

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Patient Attraction Episode 544: The Power of Natural Links and Link Building


Dr. Jon recently developed a new, flashy website with all the bells and whistles you could ever imagine. But he wasn’t ranking high on the list when people searched for a dentist in his community. To get a quick boost, he began buying and selling hundreds of links, trying to increase his SEO and Google page ranking. When we return, I’ll tell you just why this tactic can actually DAMAGE your SEO and not get you anywhere close to page 1 of Google.

– Hi, Colin Receveur here, and welcome to the Saturday edition of the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Today and tomorrow I’m going to cover the issue of link building and discuss how you can use this web marketing method to promote your dental practice and help attract new patients.

– The story I told you at the beginning of the podcast is a classic mistake we see all too much in digital marketing.

– Marketers or marketing companies, especially companies that build with new websites, attempt to dupe search engines through these poorly planned link schemes of buying hundreds – or even thousands – of links.

– Buying, selling, or exchanging links is a clear violation of Google Webmaster Guidelines and can severely damage your SEO value.

– In fact, Google so despises link buying that one of its named updates, Penguin, was designed to stop that one black hat tactic.

– But that doesn’t mean that link building is a thing of the past.

– Quite the contrary, in fact.

– Link building continues to be an important part of the Google algorithm, and there are ways you can use it today to bring prospective patients to your website.

– Quality content is the biggest way to launch a successful link-building campaign.

– The key is to create engaging and compelling copy that prospects will find useful.

– Good and bad link building often comes down to distinguishing between natural and unnatural links.

– Your goal should be create natural links.

– Natural links are considered an editorial choice, which means creating links that will be useful to your prospects and patients or provide helpful information.

– These links flows organically with the copy and do not feel out of place or awkward.  

– A great test to determine between natural links and unnatural links is to ask yourself if you would have created that link if search rankings did not exist.

– If you’re creating links simply to deceive Google or other search engines, you may find yourself getting dinged for having unnatural links.

– Tomorrow, I’ll discuss the best ways to successful build links.

– In the meantime, leave your questions and comments below.

– Until then, keep moving forward.