The Many Ways to use Dental Testimonials

Patient Attraction Episode 638

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Video is an incredible way to create great testimonials, but it’s hardly the only way. Stay tuned and I’ll share some hacks that will give you powerful testimonials that can help you achieve more profits and more freedom.

– Today is the final podcast of my four-part series on testimonials.

– If have not had a chance to listen to those podcasts, that’s OK, but I urge you to give them a listen when you have time.

– One of my favorite testimonials is the video testimonial, but that’s not to say there aren’t opportunities for testimonials everywhere.  

– A testimonial does not have to be an elaborate production that costs you thousands of dollars and weeks of planning.

– Testimonials can come in the form of web page or social media reviews, blogs, case studies, press releases, and even recommendations.

– Reviews are often a touchy subject for some dentists because they can not control the output.

– They fear a bad review, and I can’t blame them.

– But here’s the social proof: Bad reviews can actually help you.

– Give your patients and prospective patients some credit.

– They understand the difference between a sour-grapes review vs. a constructive one.

– Intelligent good reviews actually shine brightly when compared with bad reviews.

– Studies show that customers react to a variety of testimonials regardless of the size, meaning a positive review can potentially hold as much weight as a lengthy video testimonial.

– Some dentists believe they need 2 minutes of great video content to resonate with new patients, but the reality is that your prospective patients want diversity.

– It’s all about the content and the tone.

– Your patients and prospective patients will stick with a longer review, written testimonial or video if it has the right tone and is emotionally engaging.

– The key to any great testimonial is to get the prospect to see how your treatment will help them.

– Testimonials give your potential patients a way to see how you can resolve their dental issues and improve their dental health.

– So, when do you stop seeking testimonials?

– NEVER. You never want to stop seeking great testimonials that draw patients to your practice.

– You can always find different patients who have a new perception of your practice that will appeal to new patients.

– If you want to learn the secret of how Dr. Darold Opp replaced 24 years of savings in less than 5

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– Tomorrow I will have a great podcast for you about how you can dominate Google.

– Until then, keep moving forward.



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