The End of the Dental Filling?

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Patient Attraction Episode 893

Could dental fillings soon be a thing of the past? It looks like it, and that technological advance could get you many more dental patients. When we come back, I’ll tell you about this amazing advance in treating dental caries and the implications for your dental marketing. Stay tuned.

– Welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– An enormous number of people in the United States have some level of dental anxiety.

– Even such relatively minor procedures as cleanings and simple restorations can keep them from getting the care they need.

– The greatest source of dental anxiety is a fear of pain, and that includes getting a local anesthetic injection.

– Now, researchers in Britain have found a way to quickly and painlessly remineralize teeth.

– It’s a two-step process where the first step is to remove tissue and saliva that might impede the remineralization.

– The second step is to use an imperceptible electrical current to force minerals into the tooth.

– Right now, the process of “electrically accelerated and enhanced remineralization” is indicated for surface cavities and moderate decay.

– And according to the researchers, it takes about as long and costs the same as a traditional filling.

– Their timeline is to get the technology into British dentists’ offices within 3 years and to win FDA approval for use in the U.S.

– Sooner or later, this new technology promises to make fillings obsolete.

– And when it does, expect a lot more patients seeking treatment who have been avoiding it in the past.

– You need to stay abreast of technological advances and feature them in your blog and other social media posts.

– Moving forward, today’s teens will be tomorrow’s parents, and the younger crowd now is all about technology, ease, and convenience.

– Whether you’ve been in business for 20 years or you’re just starting out, make sure your dental marketing appeals to all age segments.

– That’s especially true for your website, which is often the last thing prospects consult before scheduling an appointment.

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– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.