The Dentist’s Guide to Developing/Editing Incredible Content (part 1)

Patient Attraction Episode 602: The Dentist’s Guide to Developing/Editing Incredible Content (part 1)

Does your web copy pass our editing checklist? For the next 2 days, I want to take you through ALL the steps necessary to create effective dental content that attracts new patients. Stay tuned.

– Colin here, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Today and tomorrow I’m going to cover some of our writing and editing tips that will take your web content marketing to the next level.

– Again and again, we talk about how important quality content is for your SEO and marketing campaigns.

– Today I’ll cover the first five of my 10 writing and editing tricks that will allow your content to shine.

  1. Select a point of view or topic.

– Look for topics that fall under the umbrella of your marketing goals.

– Do you have a new angle or something to add to your current online content?

– Ask yourself what new research or data can you implement to make your topic or point of view interesting to your readers.

  1. Pick a format.

– Is your topic a simple blog post or email, or can it be expanded into an e-book?

– It’s important to have a format selected before jumping into the project.

– When you’re writing in-depth articles or planning to publish hundreds of words, think about breaking up paragraphs or adding subheadings, bullet points or lists throughout the copy.  

– Subheadings, lists and bullet points give the reader a break and let them easily navigate the copy.

  1. Writing and editing.  

– Is your copy interesting, informative, unique, and, above all, well-written?

– If you feel yourself getting bored writing the content, you have almost no chance of keeping the reader interested.

– On that note, try to start your article or piece with an interesting lead the draws in the reader and gives them a reason to continue.

– As you’re writing, make sure the tone and approach is aimed at the audience you want to attract.

  1. Support your thesis.  

– Use a colorful story, personal anecdote or hypothetical situation that sums up your thesis and emotionally draws in your readers.

– Look for ways to support your topic or idea with data, statistics and facts, and don’t be afraid to link to credible sites.

– In fact, I would encourage you to link to credible sites, as it boosts your SEO value.

– When you’re telling the story, think of ways to implement graphics, video or photos to illustrate your topic or point of view.

  1. ATD. Attention to Detail.

– I would argue that this is one of the most important aspects of writing.

– Sloppy writing, grammatical errors, factual errors, etc., are all ways to easily turn off readers from your writing.

– I would suggest using a style book and then looking over your copy with a fine-toothed comb before publishing or printing anything.

– Better yet, try to get another set of eyes on the copy if you can.

– Don’t be nervous or embarrassed about one person reading and editing your copy.

– It’s better they catch an error than hundreds or potentially thousands of people.  

– That’s all for today.

– I’ll have my last 5 writing tips for you tomorrow, including some information you need to know about how to optimize your content for maximum SEO value.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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