The Danger of No Physician-Dentist Referral System?

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Patient Attraction Episode 908

Physicians can be an excellent referral source of new patients, if you have solid relationships with them. Far too many dentists ignore the non-dental side of health care and lose out on the opportunities that referrals bring. After the break, I’ll tell why creating a physician-dentist referral system can benefit more patients and your bottom line.

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– I’m Colin Receveur.

– A study this year found that physicians were unhappy with the referral system, or lack of one, to dentists.

– Among the physicians surveyed, the chief concerns were not being able to distinguish a suspicious oral lesion from a normal one.

– In fact, a third of physicians referred for soft tissue lesion identification, and salivary gland and facial bone tumors.

– Obviously, the majority of referrals were for dental pain and/or routine care.

– But in addition to lesions and tumors, physicians also referred for oral complications of cancer and diabetes, pre-chemotherapy dental evaluation, and other reasons.

– Taken as a whole, physician referrals can be very profitable for dentists, but only if there’s a defined system in place.

– It most areas, it’s up to you to create that system by reaching out to physicians and establishing a trust relationship.

– Depending on your area, that may mean approaching a hospital system or simply arranging a series of one-on-one meetings with physicians.

– Referrals go both ways, and you should clarify whether you can refer your patients if they don’t already have a physician.

– You should also clarify the reporting mechanism between you to share your findings and recommendations.

– Once you’ve established a referral system, you may find that the physician office staff become an unofficial word-of-mouth referral system as well.

– Without an established referral system, you run the risk of losing patients that you don’t have to spend a dime marketing to.

– Referral systems are great, but they’re not the only way to build your practice.

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