The 5 “Don’ts” of Smile Galleries

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Patient Attraction Episode 736

Smile galleries are a staple of dental websites. They allow you to build patient trust in your expertise by displaying the results of your work. Most dentists, though, turn off more patients than they attract through their smile galleries. I’ll be right back with 5 things NOT to do with yours.

– Welcome back. I’m Colin Receveur, and this is the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– You probably have a “before and after” gallery on your website.

– Hopefully, it’s attracting new patients for your practice.

– If not, you’re probably guilty of one of these 5 “don’ts” with your smile gallery.

– DON’T #1: Posting stand-alone scary images.

– Most people really don’t want to see what can go wrong with a mouth.

– For every person who’s intrigued, there are probably four people who find those kinds of images disgusting.

– So, if you want to turn off a lot of prospective patients, show them a gallery of diseased or damaged mouths.

– Instead, show the beautiful “after” picture.

– You can give the viewer the option to click or to roll over the image to see the “before.”

– DON’T #2: Showing disembodied smiles.

– This is one case where a picture isn’t worth a thousand words.

– People love stories, and a floating smile doesn’t tell them the story behind the person.

– Use face pictures and add a synopsis of your patient’s problem, the solution, and the result.

– DON’T #3: Getting overly technical.

– Don’t bog your reader down with details.

– Keep your writing conversational, light on jargon, and easily readable.

– What patients care about are really cool results, not processes.

– DON’T #4: Omitting the patient’s perspective.

– This is an excellent place to feature short patient testimonials.

– Let your happy patients do your marketing for you.

– DON’T #5: Overwhelming your website visitor with pictures.

– A few dozen will make your point.

– Consider categorizing them by problem and solution.

– That will help your prospective patients see actual solutions for their problems.

– Avoid these 5 “don’ts” and your smile gallery can be a very effective means of getting new patients to pick up the phone.

– Join us for tomorrow’s podcast on why your marketing must grow if you want to succeed.

– Until then, keep moving forward.