The 1 Reason Dentists Should Use Live Video

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Patient Attraction Episode 712

Ever thought about doing a live video from your dental practice? If not, you should. Live, or streaming, video is a great way to promote new developments. And it’s gotten much easier and less complicated than it used to be. After the break, I’ll begin a 2-day series on why, when, and how to set up a live video event. Stay tuned.

– There’s one good reason for dentists to consider doing a streaming video.

– And that reason is that you want to promote something big.

– In other words, it’s news that your patients and potential patients will care about.

– It could be the latest and greatest piece of imaging equipment or a rocking 3-D printer.

– And you’re going to demonstrate it in action.

– That big news SHOULD NOT BE a new procedure.

– You’ll turn more viewers off than you’ll interest with live video of working in someone’s mouth.

– It may sound odd, but non-dentists don’t like to watch dental procedures.

– For a live video, you’re going to ask your followers and patients to be online at a particular day and time.

– You’re asking for a commitment, and you have deliver something that’s worth their time and effort.

– So, live video is not for new staff hires or a change to the decor.

– It’s for events.

– So, you’ve got some new development that you think would make a great streaming video.

– The first thing to do is to figure out HOW you’re going to go online.

– There are a number of good streaming service providers.

Periscope and Meerkat are two of the most recent.

– Once you’ve chosen a provider, check your Internet connection.

– For a medium-quality video image, you’ll need an upload speed of at least 1.5 megabits.

– For a high-quality or HD image, you’ll need at least 4 megabits or faster.

– And your Internet connection has to be solid.

– If you tend to have a lot of random stalls and outages, don’t risk a live video from your office.

– Good speed, solid connection, and you’ve chosen a vendor.

– Now what?

– What kind of camera or cameras are you going to use?

– I don’t recommend that you try to shoot this on your phone.

– Small handheld cameras like your phone are hard to keep steady.

– This is your public face going out in real time over the Internet.

– You’re a professional, and the image you send out to your viewers has to be professional.

– You might consider something like a GoPro HD.

– Another consideration is lighting.

– Grab your camera and do some test video to make sure that what you’re shooting is well-lit for viewers.

– Watch out for bright light sources that can “blow out” the video image.

– And finally, are you going to use your camera’s microphone?

– If so, test it so that you can be aware of echoes, the sound level you need, and any obstacles you may encounter while moving around.

– Tomorrow, I’ll talk about how to prepare for your event and how to promote it in advance.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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