The 1 Change That Will Boost Your Dental Content Marketing

Patient Attraction Episode 531: The 1 Change That Will Boost Your Dental Content Marketing


In the current marketing age, providing dental prospects quality content is a must. It not only attracts them to your website, it establishes your expertise and credibility with both prospects and patients. But today, I want to tell you how many dentists are likely using content marketing incorrectly trying to attract new patients. Stay tuned.

– Hi, Colin here.

– Today, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite topics, dental content marketing.

– Content marketing is very hot in web marketing right now, and it should be.

– Using:



– white papers

– ebooks

– webinars

– graphics

– and other means of distributing information is good marketing.

– You address your patients’ and prospects’ problems and establish that you have the expertise to solve them.

– This also provides lots of keywords for Google to use to see that you are providing quality content and boost your rankings in search results.

– But there are two parts to make content marketing work: quality and quantity.

– Before the Google Panda update, you could throw out a bunch of crap content, but it would be effective in getting you a high search result ranking as long as it had enough keywords.

– Now, you can’t really keywords stuff but you can churn out a bunch of content to have the same effect.

– But then what?

– Prospects show up to your site, go to the content they found, and it DOESN’T solve their problems.

– So here is where you have to decide what matters:

– Do you want high search engine rankings?

– Or do you want butts in chairs?

– Because it is very difficult to churn out tons of quality content on your own.

– If you want content that brings in patients, and not just website visits, you have to focus on QUALITY content.

That concludes another week on the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Did you learn anything?

– Do you have more questions?

– Let me encourage you to leave your hottest question or problem below, and I will answer them.

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Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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