Telling a Dental Marketing Story

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Patient Attraction Episode 327

Welcome back everyone. I hope you enjoyed the last few weeks where we looked at the highlights of my book. Every now and then I come across something that validates what I’ve been telling you, and I like to share that with you. Come back and I’ll tell you about an infographic that does just that.

– Colin Receveur here on this fine first Saturday of February.

– Today I want to tell you about an infographic I recently saw online.

– It was really creative and informative.

– It is called “The Amazingly Simple Anatomy of a Meaningful Marketing Story.”

– The best part: it confirms what I have already been telling my clients – and you.

– Step 1 is “You need a hero.”

– “A marketing story is about your customer. She is the hero who transforms as her journey unfolds. She goes from ordinary to extraordinary.”

– This is your prospect, the person you want to ultimately become your patient.

– This is the person who will stay, pay and refer.

– Step 2 is “You need a goal.”

– “A good business solves a customer’s problems. In other words, it transforms a customer. Therefore, your story must know where your customer is today and where she wants to go.”

– This is exactly as I tell dentists: your marketing isn’t about you.

– It’s about your patients.

– Too many dentists want to talk about what they can do, and provide content as if they are marketing to other dentists.

– Step 3 is “You need a conflict.”

– “Conflict makes a story interesting. And conflict makes a business necessary. The conflict is the obstacle that stands between your hero and the better version of himself.”

– This almost sounds as if it was written for dentists.

– This is what I talk about pain points.

– “I am embarrassed to smile.”

– “I can’t eat my favorite foods.”

– “I’m afraid my denture will fly out when I laugh.”

– This is what answers the question, “Why do my dental patients need me?”

– Step 4 is “You need a mentor.”

– “Luke Skywalker had Obi-Wan Kenobi. Bilbo had Gandalf. And your hero has you. Your business is the wise mentor who provides liberating knowledge and resources.”

– This is where I talk about you serving as the expert to solve your patients problems.

– THIS is why they need you!

– You are the expert: the skillful practitioner who can restore their pride and self-esteem.

– Finally, step 5 is “You need a moral.”

– “You must tell the reader what she must do next. Be clear. Be direct.”

– This is your call to action.

– Your hero is embarrassed by her missing teeth, and you are an expert at providing dental implants.

– That hero needs to call you for a consultation and have her once-beautiful smile – and her willingness to smile in public – restored.

– It sure sounds simple doesn’t it?

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– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.