Surprising Twitter Statistics that Don’t Mean Tweet

Patient Attraction Episode 181

Welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast. I am Colin Receveur and today I want to share some statistics about Twitter – and tell you why I think they aren’t worth the 140 characters it would take to Tweet them. Stay tuned.

– It is Wednesday, July 30, and I am going to give you my full disclosure right now about my feelings on social media.

– The ROI is not high enough to spend a bunch of time doing it.

– Sure, a friend or relative of one of your patients may see the nice things they say about you and decide to call your office.

– But those are going to be few and far between.

– In the meantime, you and your staff can spend literally HOURS tweeting, posting on Facebook and Pinterest, and whatever other social media outlets you like.

– So just to be clear: I am not anti-social media. At SmartBox, I have Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and Google+ and all that.

– But I don’t recommend and I personally don’t spend time on them looking for prospects, as it is a waste of resources.

– So I was interested when I saw some statistics in a blog that seemed to promote small- and medium-sized businesses increasing their Twitter marketing campaigns.

– Here are some of the stats about small- and medium-sized businesses:

1. 51% of businesses use Twitter every day.

2. 73% of people said they feel more confident in a business after following it and reading some of its Tweets.

3. 57% of people have discovered a new business on Twitter.

4. 32% of people found a new business because of a promoted, or paid, tweet.

5. 67% of people have retweeted a business’s tweet.

6. 81% of people are more likely to take action after seeing something on Twitter than seeing something through any other marketing channel,  including visiting the company’s website, getting an email, and getting direct mail.

7. 85% of followers feel more connected to a business after following it.

8. The most common reason someone tweets at a business is to share a good experience.


– It makes you want to spend all day tweeting, doesn’t it?

– That would make sense, since Twitter did the study of 1,000 people in the US who use Twitter month.

– Here are some other statistics that show how unimportant those statistics are:

1. Only 16% of American adults even use Twitter.

2. Of that 16%, only 11% tweet monthly.

– Frankly, that’s just not very many people nationally, and it’s certainly not a very big pool in your individual community.

– This podcast certainly isn’t meant to hate on Twitter.

– In fact, I would encourage you to market via Twitter IF you can do so without dumping a lot of time and energy into it.

– But like most social media, Twitter can be a huge time suck without getting a lot in return.

– Thanks for joining me today. If you’re interested, follow me on Twitter and Facebook and we can spend all day sharing links and pictures of cats. Just kidding.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.



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