Stop Chasing, Start Nurturing Dental Prospects

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Patient Attraction Episode 970

Attracting the patients you want requires you to nurture your dental prospects until they’re willing to choose you. Your welcome letters for people who opt-in to receive something of value from you is a vital part of that nurturing process. When we come back, I’ll tell you how to make your welcome letters work for you instead of costing you patients.

– I’m Colin Receveur, CEO and founder of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– Thanks for tuning in to the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– If you’re chasing patients by advertising specials, discounts, and freebies, you’re trying for quick results.

– The problems is that everyone else is doing the same thing.

– Advertising on price is a race to the bottom, and unless you’ve got the deepest pockets, you won’t win that race.

– It’s much better to position yourself as the best and only logical choice to solve your prospects’ dental problems.

– Patient attraction is a process that won’t necessarily deliver quick results but will deliver more and better patients consistently over time.

– Part of that process is nurturing your prospects until they choose you.

– Your welcome letters are a vital part of that process.

– Here are four tips for making your welcome letters deliver more new patients.

– Tip 1: Always deliver what you’ve promised.

– Your initial welcome letter should accompany the item that prompted your prospect to trade their email address.

– That could be a white paper, an article, a coupon, or anything else of value that’s allowed by your state laws.

– Tip 2: If at all possible, personalize your welcome letter.

– You’re trying to establish a relationship with your prospects and a sterile form letter won’t accomplish that.

– Add a personal greeting, by first name and/or last, and remind them of why they’re receiving the email.

– Tip 3: Set up a schedule of follow-up emails at regular intervals.

– You can’t count on a single email to convert a prospect to an appointed patient.

– A good email sequence will keep you top of mind with your prospects without being intrusive.

– Step 4: Make it easy to unsubscribe.

– You can’t keep prospects against their will, and making it clear how to opt out of your emails will reduce your prospects’ suspiciousness.

– Follow these four tips for welcome emails that work for you instead of against.

– Join me tomorrow for our next podcast.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.